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  • Granulated sugar Refined white sugar comes from the processing of sugar beet or sugar cane, which are subjected to a complex industrial process involving baking, cooling, crystallisation and centrifugation. During the subsequent phase, the sugar is filtered and bleached to remove the last yellowish tinges of the natural product. The result is a sweet, crystalline white powder that, after packaging, is distributed to bar counters, the confectionery industry, and beyond.

  • Icing sugar Icing sugar - basically, sugar reduced to a fine powder - is used as a garnish, or to sweeten all kinds of cakes. To prevent the candid velvety powder from hardening, a small percentage of corn or wheat starch is added, which lengthens its shelf life and preserves its characteristics

  • Cane sugar Unrefined cane sugar is obtained directly from the juice extracted from sugar canes employing artisan processing methods and without the use of chemicals that alter its taste, colour and flavour. Deriving above all from plantations in Central and Southern America and in Asia, in addition to sucrose, whole cane sugar also contains an optimal amount of natural components that enhance its sweetness and make it a balanced food with a characteristic and pleasant flavour.

  • Honey, Agave Syrup, Maple Syrup Re Miele is produced by Italian bees from the sugary substances they collect in nature. The bees visit thousands of plant species: some give rise to monofloral honeys, usually the most precious and with the most definite flavours, and others contribute to producing wildflower honey, typically used to sweeten hot drinks and fresh juices.
    Agave syrup is a natural sweetener with a low glycemic index, derived from the sap of the agave plant, native to the tropical and subtropical regions of the Americas.
    Maple syrup is obtained from the sap of maple trees growing in Canada and certain areas of the United States, collected in the early spring. It is a natural sweetener rich in dietary minerals and with high nutritional, purifying and energising properties.

  • Drinking chocolate RE CIOC is a tasty drinking chocolate imported directly from Central America and mainly consumed hot during the winter months. It is most widely garnished with whipped cream, but can also be drunk flavoured with coffee, caramel and coconut, to name just a few. Dedicated to the sweet-toothed.

  • Sweeteners Kalore is a powdered sweetener consisting of a blend of low-calorie sugar substitutes. Through these combined ingredients, a small dose of Kalore provides the pleasant sweetness of sugar, but with 10 times fewer calories. A sachet of Kalore provides the sweetness of a teaspoon or sachet of sugar. Kalore is suitable for all those who want to limit their intake of sugar or wish to follow low-calorie diets without sacrificing the pleasure of sweetness.