Honey, Agave Syrup, Maple Syrup

Re Miele honey is made by Italian bees using the sugary substances naturally collected in the wild. The taste, colour and consistency of the honey depend on the flowers the nectar was extracted from. The many different varieties reveal the delicate fragrance of liquid, pale amber honey - Re Miele reaches your most refined palates directly.
Maple syrup is one of the natural sweeteners with the lowest number of calories (270 kcal per 100 g). It is extracted from maple trees and is accepted as an ingredient by Vegans.
Agave syrup is extracted from a Mexican plant - over two thousand years ago the Aztecs were already using this plant for its sweet, fresh lymph and for its fibres. Delicate procedures are used to remove the leaves that are then pressed and the juice (called ‘agave water’) extracted. Agave syrup is obtained by filtering the extract and concentrating it via evaporation.

  • Honey in Sachets 6 gr. in Expositor
  • Agave in Sachets 6 gr. in Expositor
  • Maple in Sachets 6 gr. in Expositor

  • Expositor 200 pieces in a pack of 4